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Our Services


Initial Appointment


The initial visit will include a full comprehensive wound assessment. This means I will obtain all the relevant information to help define the status of the wound and any impediments to the healing process.

 My fees include wound care and all wound care treatment products. There are no additional fees for specimen collection, interdisciplinary conversations, education, or documentation. The initial visit fee will be waived for routine staple or suture removal.


Follow Up Appointment


There are no times limits on your appointments. Follow up appointments are similar to your initial appointment but typically do not require a full comprehensive assessment. Wound care and wound care products are included in all the fees.



Virtual Care Appointments

Virtual care is offered through

This platform is designed to provide consultation services only from the comfort of your own home. Direct wound care and wound care products are not included in this fee. If you require wound care treatment thereafter, the fee would be applied as per the follow up appoinment.

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The wound care clinic is not currently covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). OHIP will not cover wound care consultation or treatment in any private healthcare setting. Although this is not our preference, it is our attempt to provide relief in an overburdened healthcare system with limited access to advanced wound care and primary care providers in our community.

However, wound care services may be reimbursable under private health insurance or benefit plans. We are actively working towards closing this gap at the clinic.

Areas of Expertise

Wound Care

We offer treatment for venous, arterial, and diabetic ulcerations, pressure injuries, post operative and surgical sites, surgical drain care, staple and suture removal, wound care post excision or punch biopsy, and compression treatment and therapy. 

Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD)

Moisture-associated skin damage (MASD) is defined as inflammation and erosion of the skin caused by prolonged exposure to various sources of moisture, including urine or stool, perspiration, wound exudate, mucus, or saliva.

Virtual Care

Virtual Care Access is coming soon!

My Approach
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