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Changing the Narrative in Healthcare Culture: A Collaborative Approach

Where physiotherapists and occupational therapists have the underlying knowledge of biomechanics, positioning, physiology, and anatomy, wound care specialists have advanced knowledge on etiologies, classification of wounds, and can provide recommendations and provide treatment. This collaboration, offered at a central location, include the expertise of disciplines focused on approaching your wound care needs holistically. A holistic approach to wound care is a structured and comprehensive approach that considers all the factors that can affect wound healing.


Tony Paget, Grimsby

"Christine was cordial and professional every step of the way not to mention her endless energy and unconditional care giving. She is an expect in her field and takes time to share her knowledge while at the same time educating the well spent considering excellent results of reduced healing time, thorough education of the issue at hand accompanied by a very professional and welcoming lady!"

Fran Gordan, Owen Sound

"I was so impressed with her knowledge and expertise...I know she will now be able to help all ages in this area…..I would highly recommend Christine for any open sores or wounds. She is excellent at her profession and also as a person!"


Our vision is to promote health and wellness.

We strive to minimize delays in rehabiliation treatment post hospitalization, reduce traveling times and further encumbering our emergency departments.


It is our ambition to bridge the gap in wound care treatment access from those specializing in the art of wound care. Our mission is to provide you full autonomy.

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